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Team Ragnarok took America's Strongest Man & Woman by STORM. This past weekend at the America's Strongest Man & Woman 2020 competition, Pro athletes from all over world came to Savannah, Georgia to battle for the title of America's Strongest.    Originally scheduled in June, but due to the COVID outbreak, the competition was moved to the south, giving athletes a few more months of intense training.  Among the 40 professional strongman and strongwoman competitors was 3 of Ragnarok's own, Anthony Diehl, Adam Geiger and Cori Butler. Together, they battled through 6 events which included Circus Dumbell Press (for reps), Sandbag Toss over 15ft, Basket Deadlift for reps, Arm over Arm Truck Pull, Husafell carry (max distance) and a Sandbag...

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Coronavirus, Events and NEW Products

It's no secret by now how the CORONAVIRUS  (COVID-19) Is impacting the world around us. We've even thought about branding our own toilet paper (not really). But the hype is in full swing.  What makes this virus "dangerous" is the unknown, ,,meaning it's only dangerous until its not. And at some point, the virus will make it's full impact on our society and slowly fade away just like Britney Spears career. In the meantime, we are sort of forced to deal with the inconveniences of everything around us being cancelled and moving to an online platform. The irony of this is that the 2020 world is completely set up for non-human interaction already.  Amidst the huge shocker of the Arnold...

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