Meet the Ragnarok Family

Ragnarok Strength Equipment is more than just a LEO owned and operated company that sells equipment.

"We are a family of strength athletes."

Every year, Ragnarok Strength Equipment searches for a few special athletes that really encompass what it means to TRAIN HARDER. It's not just physical ability, but metal attitude, relentlessness and determination that we find so damn inspiring. 

We invite them to join the family - to promote Ragnarok Strength Equipment, inspire those around them and unleash the full potential of capabilities hidden behind human doubt. 

Over the years, we have formed a family dedicated to drive and support one another through tough competitions and personal struggles. 

Meet The Ragnarok Family:

 Ashley Hawkins

Instagram: @hawkins_ae

Police Officer (#Sheepdog), LEO Wife, Titan Games Competitor, Tactical Athlete, Badass Crossfitter 


Hannah Linzay

Instagram: @swampy_swamps

Pro Strongwoman, Former Bodybuilder, Coach, Mentor, BADASS Competitor, Wrestles gators in training


Anthony Diehl

Instagram: @anthony105kstrongman

Pro Strongman, Coach, Nutritionist, Professional Beard Grower, and Badass Shirtless Selfie Model #beardgang


Sarah Reasoner

Instagram: @wonder.woman.13

Firefighter, Licensed Massage Therapist, Real-Life Superhero (may actually be Wonder Woman) Strongwoman Competitor, 4th Strongest Firefighter in the World, Former Bodybuilder


Steve Schmidt

Instagram: @sschmidt75

World Record Holder for Block Press, World's Strongest Man Competitor, Professional Bearded Beast, Coach, Mentor, and the source of Hafthor's Bad Dreams #beardgang


Jahaan Ashfaq

Instagram: @stlstrongman07

Powerlifter, Strongman Competitor, Massive Badass Human Being , Able to push, pull or lift any man made object.


Cpt. Nick Novacich

Instagram: @knuckledragger_barbell_club

 Police Captain (#Sheepdog), Pro Powerlifter, World Record Holder, Strongman Competitor, Stone Cold's doppleganger


Cori Butler

Instagram: @prostrongwoman_cori_butler

Pro Strongwoman, World's Strongest Woman Competitor, Soul stealing ginger  


Mike Sidwell

Instagram: @relentless.juggernaut

Nurse, Coach, Mentor, Strongman Competitor, Bearded wonder. No off switch. #beardgang


Adam Geiger

Instagram: @105kpro_strongmangeiger

 Pro Strongman Competitor, Gym Owner, Coach, #beardgang


Bradd White

Instagram: @ferocity_at_its_finest

All around strength athlete, Promoter, Influencer, Student, #beardgang


Tonya Mahoney

Instagram: @pancakesnweights

Former Bodybuilder, Strongwoman Competitor, Strongest Woman in the Forest, Corrections Officer, Mouser Block World Record Holder, Soul Snatcher


Lynsey Brown

Instagram: @lynsey_brown

Powerlifter, Arnold Competitor, Tiny Terror, Big Attitude, New Mommy 


James Griffin

Instagram: @paleviking

The original viking, Promoter, Massage Therapist, Coach, Strongman Competitor, Powerlifter, Professional Meat Eater. Shirtless Selfie Competitor #beardgang


Jason Keith

Instagram: @strongmankeith

 Corrections officer, Strongman Competitor, Shirtless Selfie Competitor #beardgang (Look for him at Static Monsters World Championship in 2020) 


Emily Pernice

Instagram: @emily_kystrong

 Pro Strongwoman, Coach, Mentor, Quite possibly the strongest woman in KY


Beth Nardoni

Instagram: @bethcoopernardoni

Pro Strongwoman, Gym Manager, LEO Wife, Tiny but Mighty and currently preggo (#congrats)


Jake Maechling, Owner

Powerlifter, Strongman Competitor, Highland Games Competitor, Detective (#sheepdog) Professional Meat Eater and soon to be Shirtless Selfie Champion #beardgang Business Owner


Gwen Maechling, Owner

 Powerlifter, Crossfitter, General Contractor, Business Owner, LEO Wife, Ragnarok Marketing




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