Coronavirus, Events and NEW Products

It's no secret by now how the CORONAVIRUS  (COVID-19) Is impacting the world around us. We've even thought about branding our own toilet paper (not really). But the hype is in full swing. 

What makes this virus "dangerous" is the unknown, ,,meaning it's only dangerous until its not. And at some point, the virus will make it's full impact on our society and slowly fade away just like Britney Spears career.

In the meantime, we are sort of forced to deal with the inconveniences of everything around us being cancelled and moving to an online platform. The irony of this is that the 2020 world is completely set up for non-human interaction already. 

Amidst the huge shocker of the Arnold Sports Festival being cancelled with only a 40 hour notice, and us busy working our asses off to redirect and essentially "undo" everything we had planned for this awesome event, we managed to release a few new products. 

Here's a rundown on what's New -


These bad boys are comfortable and keep your knees warm while offering a level of support for your joints while you work on your inner BEAST. 

The non-slip grippy around the top edge holds them in place during movement (squats). 

Priced at just $80, these high quality knee sleeves belong on your knees or in your gym bag. 



Back online until it can't be online - SKULL SMASH. This product needs no introduction. Any serious powerlifter or strongman/strongwoman competitor out there knows what this does. It's strong enough to kill COVID-19. So grab some before it "disappears" again. (winky face) 

Any Ragnarok Sponsored Competitions not cancelled due to coronavirus will have this product available at the booth - you can count on that. 



The newest release from Ragnarok Strength Equipment.

Let me just start off by saying, "Life can be a real Mother F*cker." There are times when the walls collapse, the sky opens up, the rain never stops. We've all been there a time or two.

During the storms of your life - you are faced with two options.

1) You can whine, piss and moan, and plea, "Why Me?"

-OR -

2) You can be STRONG. Keep your head up, dig your heel in and ride out the storm. 

Let's face it - Life is tough, but you survived. You grew. You became stronger because of the experiences you have gone through. Even the ones that you were sure would break you. You somehow survived. 

That's where your power comes from. You're inability to break completely. 

Strong is a choice. And it's a choice we all make when life hands us a shit sammich.

It's easy to be a victim.

STRONG, however, is a choice. 

Available in Women's Muscle Tanks and Racerback Tanks.

Men's Tank Tops and Muscle Tops are in production and will be released shortly.


We hope you enjoy your new gear from Ragnarok Strength Equipment. We are shipping orders out as fast as they come in. We are committed to public safety during this outbreak of COVID-19  blah blah blah - you know what? F*ck that virus. If you need toilet paper, let us know - we'll gladly include a free square with your order.


 Don't forget to use the CODE: CORONA15  at checkout for 15% off your order.


Train Harder.


Ragnarok Crew.


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