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Ragnarok Strength Equipment is LEO owned and operated out of St. Louis, Missouri. Our philosophy of ultimate preparedness and principles of functional strength have been used over years of on the job training and law enforcement experience. At the core of this training is an expectation that everyone goes home.


Ragnarok aims to inspire a higher level of fitness for everyone, from beginner to the tactical athlete, to unleash the full potential of capabilities hidden behind human doubt. To be prepared for the battle not yet fought and seek the fulfillment of your greatness.



In Norse Mythology, Ragnarök is a rebirth; a return to humble beginnings. Our ancestors lifted large stones as a test of strength and manhood during a time when functional strength was a part of everyday life and a necessity for survival. They lived by a code of virtues that has since been disappearing across generations.

These virtues adopted by Ragnarok Strength Equipment include: Courage, Discipline, Fidelity, Honor, Hospitality, Industriousness, Perseverance, Self-Reliance, and Truth.


Ragnarok supports all military and first responders through multiple organizations, community events and sponsorships. We encourage the use of our virtues as a means to bridge the gap between civilians and those serving.

A return to humble beginnings starts now.

Train Harder.


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  • Chris Gregurich

    I have followed you guys for years on social media your employees and media have been a real encouragement. I am a martial artist for over 30 yrs and have bounce around In fitness every year of my life. Currently I am 5’8 340# I have suffered from depression/anxiety for years also with low T so strength training has always been difficult. So has nutrition. Recently I have changed the nutrition and the motivation of lifting has come part of that reason is the people you feature on you social media and the product of brotherhood you guys display. Thank you for your products and the Norse mythology that comes with it. It has motivated me to never give up. Thank you Christopher Gregurich

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