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Coronavirus, Events and NEW Products

It's no secret by now how the CORONAVIRUS  (COVID-19) Is impacting the world around us. We've even thought about branding our own toilet paper (not really). But the hype is in full swing.  What makes this virus "dangerous" is the unknown, ,,meaning it's only dangerous until its not. And at some point, the virus will make it's full impact on our society and slowly fade away just like Britney Spears career. In the meantime, we are sort of forced to deal with the inconveniences of everything around us being cancelled and moving to an online platform. The irony of this is that the 2020 world is completely set up for non-human interaction already.  Amidst the huge shocker of the Arnold...

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What the f....? Yes, that's right, the announcement came just an hour ago from Arnold himself. The decision to cancel the Arnold Sports Festival is due to the coronavirus outbreak.  Last year, over 250,000 spectators flooded to Columbus, Ohio to cheer on their favorite athletes and peruse around the Fitness Expo, picking up the latest gear and supplements. This year, over 250,000 hearts just broke around the world with the news that the Festival has been "Postponed". (Not cancelled). The Coronavirus Free Folks here at Ragnarok Strength Equipment are completely BURIED in product and in celebration of this awful news, we are still super stoked to move it out of the warehouse and into your home. Use code CORONA15  for...

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